Newscast - Sunday, May 24, 2009


Welcome to the Fan Art section of Newscast. Here, you will see all the fan art
that people have been kind enough to give me. I appreciate and love each piece
and would love to see more. If you want to send me fan art, please just click on the
E-Mail button and make sure the subject is: Newscast Fan Art.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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Nienna Fan Art
By: Taylor McLelland

Kioko and T.B.
By: Stuart Packrell
The Mind of James Freemon
Evil Nienna
By: Camilla Whitney
"Ayame" and Terd before their date
(inspired by the Newscast RPG)
By: Stuart Packrell

By: Javier Alvarez

Today's Forecast
By: Kevin Sanchez
of: Steve and Mac
T.B. and Kioko
By: Javier Alvarez

Happy 100!
By: G.L. Gillen

Kioko and Nienna being cute
By: Jessee
By: Zoe Papilia
Catsuit Nienna
By: Jessee
Newscast Crew in
"The Other Me" Style
By: Stuart Packrell


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